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5 simple ways to get Number One on Google

There are a lot of different ways to seo a keyword on the top ten google .Seoers have many campaigns make their websites increase their ranks quickly.But a few days their sites dispear these keywords on Google forever . Why some people make their websites rank on the top ten google for 6 months or longer but their rankings are still be there for long.Whatever you do, you must follow 5 basics ways to seo your websites on the top of google some day

Step 1 : Choose the keyword carefully 

This is the most difficult step to help you to start your seo  plans or save money for beginning your business.If you choose the unsuitable keywords , you will not be successful after hard-working days

Note : Do not choose the hot keyword for your site because it is difficult and highly competed.You should choose the keywords which have low competition or long tail keywords , local keywords. After these keywords have beeon on the top google , you can seo for short keywords to attract more visitors.

Steps 2 : Write the unique and high quality content for your keywords

For each keyword (main keywords or sub keywords) ,write the quality articles not only for google search but also for people who like reading they search the content for their work

A good article needs your knowledge in content , images ...If you intend to copy the other content , please rewrite this article more interesting

Step 3 : Optimize Onpage 

After you've chosen a list of good keywords and high quality content,you should optimize onpage  for these articles.
You have to use the SEO Doctor plug in to check the quality of your articles.This is the best tool to check your site and It's free 

Step 4.Building  qualiy and reasonable baclink systems

First you should share your articles on Social Network which has billions visitors like Facebook , Twitter , Google + Pinterest , stumbleupon ,, linkedin, instagram
, blogger , forums and create  good backlink on your content sharing.
However you can buy some of backlink but not too much .Google thinks you're a spammer.

Step 5 : Be patient to do the above tasks day by day

After you've finished 4 steps , you should forget the keywords apperance on the top google or not .You go on building your content website to be friendly and helpful for web users.You always update your content week by week . Your articles will be new , unique and promote your content on social Network after you have just post an article .Increase the followers and Friends on Social Network will help seoer easily get to the top google .

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