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Internet Tips And Advice Sites

For the last 10 years I have been using the internet as a source for information, sometimes this is vital information about phone umbers, location of places and breaking news alerts, and sometimes I am just surfing the net in search of some product or service that I think would be nice for me to get.

A few years ago I started encountering a strange phenomena, the empty site, these sites came up in the search engines and when I clicked them they led me to an almost empty page, with little or no information on the thing I was looking for, which was the reason for me being on that same page. These empty pages soon evolved into a mini search engine page, that was a little better than before but with all honesty, I didn’t want to be sent yet another search engine once I entered my search term and clicked the search button.

It took me some effort and experience to start recognizing these sites before even clicking them, and so I became partially blind to those empty sites, recognizing them by their domain name or by the page description below the sites address. But it seemed that whatever I did or how much smarter I had become did not matter much to the creators of these pages, they had now started paying attention to their sites names, and they have started putting in a word or two on the page, sometimes I would find dozens of completely unrelated words crammed up on the bottom of the page. And so this personal disliking had started to evolve into a much more sophisticated war like situation each time I sat down in front of my computer trying to look something up on search engines.

Today I am writing this to tell you about a new site, its dedicated to advice and tips, information at its best, for everyone to use. It is not an empty page, but a set of articles about different topics, from tips and advice about home improvement to information about skin treatment and shopping, this site is a great starting point in your search for what you need to find.

How many times did you answer the phone only to discover the there is a telemarketer on the other side, and not someone who is genuinely calling to talk with you? This is exactly what the people behind this new site are doing, eliminating the empty pages, providing information and thinking about you first, not about scamming you into clicking into their site for whatever reason.

This site has only been launched a short time ago, the creators promise to keep it as personal as they can, and provide as much information they can find about every single different topic. These are two internet veterans that have seen the internet grow from a tiny community into a huge money making machine, and they want to bring something back into this community, a true and honest set of sites that will not manipulate you, the visitor, but respect your needs and your time.

I strongly recommend that you pay a visit to this site, just to see that things can be different, and that the internet can also be a place where people provide information and advice one to the other, because its possible.
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