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10 steps to make you seo better

By chance I collected an online document sharing up here for you to do SEO better.I hope this material will help you plan to make SEO more efficient!

Expand Stayfocused browser allows you to create a blacklist of sites that you know the site that will kill your performance and set it a number of times you can for those pages each weekdays.
2. Quick Login for Google Accounts

Quick Tools for Google Accounts Help me save a lot of time to convert up to 10 Google account and never forget a password again. Working in an agency, I suppose this saves me at least an hour a week.
You can install extensions for Google Accounts Quick Login


WriteMonkey is a word processor with a complete user experience can be stripped back to help with consultation documents longer or blog posts. This boils down to write the show me and my words, and I can get through the stages of producing a text document much faster.

It's important when you are working in the world of SEO 1 thing you have to do each day will be always updated with the new information. However, all that reading can be a killer as it's actually hindering your work performance is performed.
Pocket is a handy tool that allows you to easily store the interesting article, video, or text in an accessible place to review at a more appropriate time
Use timers to construction period of your focus. Timer is a good example.
If you're really struggling to focus on a piece of work, begin by trying to focus on it only 10 minutes of your time and then build that time and up.
Increased productivity in Excel and PowerPoint
Most SEO experts will spend time in Microsoft Office. If you can can do the following things faster, certainly faster you will progress your colleagues.

6. Increasing Your efficiency in Excel sheet

If you are editing a lot of data, you may need to see changes in one area to make a difference somewhere off screen, perhaps in a different spreadsheet tab like. Moving back and forth takes time, therefore, a great feature is a small Window Watch window can display the area of your spreadsheet changes that affect. Mark the boxes you want to see. Then, click the Formulas> Watch Window> Add Watch. Add this to the list. Simply return to the area of your worksheet that you're editing and Watch Window will be suspended in the corners as you work.

7. Increasing Your efficiency in Powerpoint

Use Clipboard window save endless cycling between slides copying and pasting different objects because it can store 24 entries - useful when you're building a slide that "build" or you are using a series of symbols used to represent the characters in the story of your presentation.

Mark multiple items and convert text using + f3 to switch between different funding options easier to change individual characters manually load - something I see happening all the time and it drives me nuts!
Ctrl + D copy an object ctrl + c to stop using, ctrl + v.
8. Music
Some people find that setting the right music to suit the work you're doing in order to lead to increased productivity. Some people find it easier to work with performances of classical music or jazz. This is called Mozart effect, although its effectiveness has been questioned.
9. Creating the waste time
Another great lifestyle tip is to get rid of variables within your life: choices which are redundant and simply create dead time
- When you realize that for all these problems is an automated solution faster and you make, one time effort to implement it, you free up a lot of time in the future. An additional benefit of this technique is to focus your creative time that it really can add value.
10.Using a little to check email
I have tremendous save your time thanks to the change by a model "surgery hours" for email, this means I only check and answer email three times a day. This allows you to spend large blocks of time to focus on specific tasks.

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